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Rothbart sat by himself his two allies have dissappeared since the defeat. "This is so embrassing! I'm a laughing stock ever since I've been defeated by a novice team. those..Namchii teammates." Robarth grumbled.

"If your looking for vengance then perhapes you need acctence!" A voice came from the darkness

"who's there!?" Robarth looked around. "who are you!?"

" Someone who can help you. me and my allies can help your intensions of revenge." there stood the mighty aku.
Rothbart staried for a bit. "what do you mean you and your allies? and how can you help me?"

Aku smiled. "I'm glad you asked."


the crew were at their home, a remote farm on the outskirts of a tribe who were familiar with them. in the yards were a herd of
pachyrhinosaurus who always came around during their migration.
Wyldshot walked through the herd. "come on move it bessy, I'm trying to get the house."

Wyldshot made it to the yard of the house, they he saw Broken Jaw talking to soul, marceling was strumming her guitar under them, the kids were playing, and Tao was eating with shen.
"Pinecone, it's mind boggling how you got an entire herd to choose this place as a miragtion spot." Wyldshot said to the pachyrhinosaurus.

Pinecone looked over to her. "well this is my dad's herd. I told him the componsites of where we lived and he moved his herd down here for miragtion."
Boulder butted in. "you can't take a herd out of the past but you can't get rid of instects."

"Right, that's why you tag along with them when they head back." they turned to see Discord with stan coming to them.
"oh hey your here. I thought you'd be with the misfits." wyldshot noted to discord.

Discord noted to her. "Oh, I spit myself in two for the moment. I need to teach Stanny boy here about being in the crew." he told her with glee.
"I don't really need you teach me." Stan said queitly

as the morning went on no one noticed Gorgon and his pack on the other side of the field with a signal from Gorgon his pack charged.
the herd went into panic and began to run toward where the crew was.

Soul got up "everyone, quick get out of the way!!" he called to them.
everyone ran to sides as quick as they could during which stan and boulder duck into a doorway into the house, Shen got knocked into wheel barrel as it turned over. as the herd lift boulder and stan looked out the window. outside they saw the others being tied up by rothbart, tai-lung, and gorgon.

"ha,ha,ha! they should have thought twice before messing with rothbart!" Rothbart laughed with tai-lung rolling his eyes.

Boulder  and stan quickly ducked back down. "what do we do dude!?" Stan asked frantecly
"sshh!" Boulder looked outside again.

Tai-lung carried Tao on his shoulders. "come on we got to head back to aku's hiding place."
the three head off out of site.


Nyra, cal, oliver, and thirty were coming back. "so then I said-" Cal was talking until Nyra focused ahead.
"guys! our home!" Nyra pointed to the wrecked yard.

the four rushed over to where they saw Stan and Boulder helping shen from the wheel barrel.
"What happened!?" Nyra asked them.

the three looked to them. "someone named rothbart, tai-lung and a gorgosaurs made the herd painc and kidnapped the rest of the guys!" Stan explained

"Rothbart? that old fart we beated when we helped joe?" Cal looked the three beside him.
Oliver crossed his arms. "he must be back for revenge."
Nyra asked the boys. "where did they go?"

boulder spoked up. "tai-lung said they're going to aku's hiding place."
"then wait are we waiting for? we need to go to aku's santucary." Shen spoke up.
"I second that" thirty added

Nyra interuped them. "but we don't know where we need to go and with soul kidnapped we don't have a means to find them."
"perhaps I can help with that." everyone turned to see brokenjaw

"Brokenjaw your not kidnapped." Stan exclaimed
" I got knocked over by one of the pachyrhinosaurus and so they prabably thought I was soul's meal.

Cal looked to nyra. "that's right, rothbart doesn't know about the member we added to the team."
Nyra replied. "that could be our advantage right now. Broken jaw could you track those jerks down?"

"you know I can." Brokenjaw answered

before the crew headed off cal stopped everyone. "hold up ain't we forgetting someone." he looked up at a tower which had brooklyn on it. the sun was setting down, just in time. Brooklyn broke free from his sleep, with a rawr yawn. "whoa." stan looked up amazed

"down here, brook!" Boulder called to the gargoyle. brook flew down to his friends.
brook saw the yard. "what happened here?"

"pinecone, wyld,marceline, the cubs, soul, discord, and Tao got kidnapped, rothbart took them, brookenjaw will track them down." Cal quickly sumed the situation.
Brook aknowledged it. "wait, what about rin? where's she?"

" I honestly don't she said she was going to go look for someone and that was it." nyra explained.
brokenjaw made his way to where he could have them. "shouldn't we get going?"


the villains had wyld and them tied in a bundle. "ha, oh this is rich." hades laughed. "these guys are the ones who gave you the beat down?"

"these guys do seem to be rather worthless." scar added.

"they're tougher then they look!" Rothbart scowled
"the old man's right, you know." they look over to a man named Slash."they useally come in swinging." he added while tossed a popcorn in his mouth.

"well, they won't doing so any time soon." Aku said with trumph.
Demona looked at the prisoners. "but I thought Slash and rothbart said they were 11 members, there's only 7 here." she snorted

"these were only ones we saw." Rothbart replied
Slash spit his popcorn out and got up. "you moron! there's a village tribe near there home!" he snapped at rothbart. "the other went to the town!"

hades realized what he meant. "that means the others will be coming here to look for there friends!"
Rothbart look to Slash. "well if you knew why didn't you come along and tell us this!?"
"because I can't go near their place cause of a spell!"

"Enough!" Aku interputed everyone. "it doesn't matter, that means we have an apportunety for an ambush."

Brokenjaw sniffed the around. "their over there!" the group looked at a rundown castle.
Nyra turned to the others. "be careful, we don't know where they are in there."

the group went inside with ease. in the end of the main hall way they saw their friends there. "there there are!" as the group entered the room the villains charged.

"Attack!" Rothbart yelled as the villains ingargded the small group.
"Crap!" Stan cursed as he and boulder were chased by gorgon. Brokenjaw followed them

"Lord shen??" what are you doing?" scar conforted the white peacock
Shen looked up the god."I'm not a lord anymore, and I desided to look for my own way to peace."
"traitor!" zira cursed at the bird as he charged at him.

the villains seemed to increase in number and overwhelmed the group, thier friends watch helplessly from the side. the villains seemed to gain the upper hand. "Slash! I should have known you'd give us out!" Nyra hissed at him.
Slash looked over to her. "hey, anything to help "my friends."

Nyra and her overwhelmed group hudled in the middle of the room. "finally I have my revenge!" Rothbart laughed
"let this be a warning to all adventure groups that we will defeat them in time!" Hades laughed
just then a loud screen come be heard. "what was that?" tai-lung asked
"probably something that died, now focus." Zira sneered but then the screech began more loudler.

that's when an explosion erputed on the roof. "what in the world!" Hades cured.
a big figure came in the view. "DRAGON!" Demona scouted
"Rin!" Nyra exclaimed

On the neck of the dragon sat Rin. "Ok, Odahviing, fire!" with that the dragon opening his mouth and fire rained upon the the villains.
"now Daxter!" Rin turned to a the redshark flying through the sky.
"Right Rin!" Daxter answered as he began firing on the villains as well.

another surprised waited below, Scowler charged in the door way along with weed and his friends. "Charge!" he shouted
"you heard him!" Weed commanded

Nyra got up to strike zira."now, it's our turn! Stan, boulder go free the others!"
Stan and boulder rushed to their friend and untie them.

a battle engages between the sides. "this isn't over!" Rothbart turns into the great animal and goes to attack Rin and Odahviing.
"We'll see about that!" Rin raised her keyblade and shot lighting at rothbart.

he quickly dodged however Odahviing manuvered around rothbart and flamed him, finishing him for good.

Slash saw how the villains were being beaten. "screw this, I'm outta here!" Slash snarled as he teleported out of there.
" I second that." Hades followed along with aku.
"we'll be back! you'll see!" Aku said as he vanished.

"rrr! Retreat!" Scar orded as the villains fled.
Demona looked back. "we won't underestmeat them again."
"Agreed." Tai-lung added.

the group cheered at their victory. on the ground Rin got off odahviing. "thanks odahviing. you really saved us their." she said to the dragon.
"no need, my savior. I will always be be your side in times of need." the dragon told Rin. as he took off.

"so that's here you took to." Nyra came over.
Rin looked to her friends. "yeah, I helped him out once and we formed a dragon/rider relation."

"how did you find us?" Pinecone asked.
"well me and Daxter flew over our home and saw the yard in a mess, scowler was there, he was coming back with the herd."

Scowler stepped in. "I was coming in to check up on you guys when I saw the herd in a mess. they told me what happened and so I headed back to the house to see what I can help out with."

"as for finding you guys, I called up weed so they can track you guys." Daxter finished.

Nyra sigh. "glad you came when you did, we almost go killed there."
Brooklyn stepped in. "however we can't go back to our home. we'll have to relocate"

"what, why?" Flanger looked to brooklyn.
"it's too dangerous, now that the villains know where we live." Soul explained as he contuined. "we'll go back to get our stuff and the herd but then we'll move to a new place."

"aw, this sucks." Pinecone groaned.
"we'll be fine as long we stick to gether. now come on let's go pack our things."

Rothbart's revenge draft
sigh* damn, this is the old draft of rothbarts revenge..
Keyblade Wielders by ninjademontamer
Keyblade Wielders
with Joe starting his work on the darkest hour I desided to tribute some art work. this is one scene where me and Jeffery battle some badies with our keyblades
look at jeffery with his golden keyblade...and look at my boring silver keyblade..

Jeffery by :iconrenthegodofhumor:
hi Rin here sorry sorry there wasn't been much activity from me on deviantart.

I'm writing this on a computer at my college. my laptop has a small virus that gives so much pops on some sights you can't really do anything however the virus doesn't affect google, google + or youtube (lucky me) just on other sites. i'll tell you all when I get my laptop fixed
Rin and her party walked for who knows how many hours now, Flanger stopped to get a few breaths when he looked up.
"Silver Tiger!" He exclaimed
The others looked to Flanger then to the sky to see a flying shape.
"Who's that?" Pinecone poundered
"It's the creature who took down our ship.." Soul spoke quietly

"That thing up there took down your ship?" asked Pinecone.
The three watched Silver tiger fly off into the distance.

"Come on!" Flanger began to run to the dircetion she was heading. "she's landing."
Rin, Soul, and Pinecone all ran to catch up to flanger.

Flanger and the three people behind him all stopped at an opening in the clearing.
"what in manner is this!" Pinecone exclaimed while holding his head with his paws.
What they saw were pachyrhinosaurus being forced to work all kinds of heavy labor, pulling large objects. In the center a couple of pachyrhinosaurs were pushing a giant wheel meanwhile the guards whipped the poor dinos to work harder.

"Rin, look at that." Soul whispered to Rin as she looked on top the tower in the middle, way above the ground as a shining beacon, a red crystal seem to be charging and beside it as Silver Tiger.
"Silver.." Flanger looked at her saddened.
"we gotta help my brethren!" Pinecone spoke up.

"It's too dangerous." Soul looked down at the young en.
Pinecone looked up. "hey, I thought you guys help people?!"
"look here-" Soul was about to spill the truth when Rin elbowed Soul's leg
"we need a plan to free the pachyrhinosaurus." Rin told pinecone.

"Really?" both boys said in sync.
"what." Soul looked to Rin
"yeah, we just have to take out the officer and wait till Silver leaves" Rin explained to the boys eagerness

so they waited while they did Soul went to  Rin. "Rin what are we doing?"
"what do you think we're doing, we're saving this herd." Rin said to her friend.
"why, we have no reason too." Soul told her
Rin turn to look at her big friend. " oh come on, it's just one group. besides if we just walk away we don't want our cover being blown."
"guys, that dragon's taking off." Pinecone signed to them. the small group watched as Silver took off however before she took off she brought the crystal her.
Soul waited till she was out of sight. "so Rin what's your plan to free these imprisoned pachyrhinosaurus." Soul asked
Rin in truth had no idea what to do, back in her world she would always follow the plans of others. On the ship Nyra was the one who would come up with plans but those were for attacking villages, this is about freeing slaves and getting everyone out.
Rin looked around the camp to see anything they could do, she had to make sure the plan could be pulled off without fail and without dead ends.

Rin looked back and forth until she saw some a couple openings. "I think I got it! here is what we'll do."

The pachyrhinosaurs worked in the heavy heat, off in the far corner of the camp an elderly pachyrhinosaurus fell to it's knees. A young male went to help the elder, the officer saw this and went to two dinos. "get up and get back to work you lazy beasts!!" he yelled at the poor pachyrhinosaurs. the young male was trying to get the elder on his feet however the officer wasn't having the patients for what was happening before him. "Get up!!" he began to whip the two to get them to move, "Get up and work!!" he continued to whip them. the male finally had enough and was trying to fend off the officer however it was too late for the elder as he had been worked into the ground and it hadn't been able to eat in weeks. "Get back you filthy-!" the officer was hit in the head by the flat end of a thick branch.

Pinecone came out of the bushes. "you got the the one in charge?" he asked
"yeah, and um ...a bit to late.." she said noting to the elder who had lost his life to the harsh cruelty of the work load. Rin may have been a pirate, stole money and other items but she didn't like cruelity to other creatures.
Pinecone spoke to the male, Rin waited for them to finish when the male made a grunt.
Rin's animal ears made it possible to pick up on other languages and animal talk but dino talk was a bit different.
Pinecone turned to Rin. "this guy's name Grey and he said he'd like to help."
"Really? cool, because I need someone to head to the sleeping area and get the pachyrhinosauruses to rebel." Rin explained
Grey made a nod to do so. Pinecone then dragged the knocked out officer off into the brush while grey went into the camp.

Rin glanced over on the other side of the camp and hoped Soul and Flanger was doing fine.
Flanger and Soul's task was to free the imprisoned pachyrhinosaurs to help free their working "ugh this will never work their too scared of me." Soul said to Flanger seeing the pachrhinos in chains all cowering in the corner of the fence.
"We gotta try." flanger said as he went in to the barricade. "listen it's whether stay in here and starve to death while your friends and family suffer outside or come up to Soul and get free so you all can get out and free your friends." Flanger spoke up to the frighten pacyhrinosaurs.

the dinos all looked each other, for moment it seemed they all wanted to stay but one brave soul stepped forward. he roared to the others then came forward.  
"how?" Soul pondered
Flanger looked back and smirked. "you just gotta know what to say."

Rin noticed the guards wondering where the officer was, she knew they had to make to move know. "you ready?" 
The Pachyrhinosaurs and Pinecone all made a snort as a yes" Rin gave a signal with her tail then all the pachyrhinosaurs all charged out of the sleeping cabins, Soul saw the rushing herd and took that as the signal for the to join in. soul charged out of the prison barricade with the pachyhrinosaurus right behind him, the multiple pachyrhinos began to free their working members.
"Push them back!" a solder yelled as he and the others were trying to get the dinosaurs to back down. 
"better tell the guys at the other camps." another solder instructed to a messenger
without anyone seeing the messenger snuck out of camp, while Rin's plan worked in their favor. "retreat!" the solders began to abandon the camp as the pachyrhinosaurus knocked down the tower that was the source of power.

as the last solder left Rin was standing there for a bit as soul walked over to her.
"you OK?" he asked
rin didn't speak for a moment then she spoke. "what just happened?"
soul looked at her in confusion. "what do you mean?"
"did my plan" she asked in a daze
soul paused. "um...i guess so.yeah." 
rin made a smile that she hadn't made in a long time. "that's the first time I made a plan and it worked."
"that's great, rin. now um what do we do about them.." soul pointed to the herd behind him rin turned around to see the herd all standing behind them. pinecone came to them with flanger behind him

"we may have a problem." he told them 
"and what is that?" rin asked hesitantly
"word is that there are two more camps like this one spread out and hidden and all these brethren say they want us to help free them too." pinecone explain
"what! that wasn't the-" soul blurted but rin elbowed him again
"we will..if we can find the camps." rin said with a nervous smile.
flanger spoke up well that's easy because we found a map where there.

"really? that's great show me the map then." rin told the kids as they ran off with rin behind him.
"ooi." soul rolled his eyes. he knew this was gonna lead them somewhere.

in the main camp area, soul crouched at opening of the tent rin, pinecone and flanger went into and turned his head to peak inside.
"wow that's freaky, soul." pinecone jolted a bit as he turned to see soul's giant eye at the opening.
soul looked to pinecone"hey, if you have an idea to get me inside this tent i'm all ears." 

Rin looked at the map, "here's a map of the area. these markers must so they're pretty far apart so we'll head to the closest one."
soul looked at the map as best as he could "why are the markers red, blue and green?" he asked 
rin thought for a moment then she remembered the red beacon crystal that was on the tower. "i think the colored markers are crystal colors."
"crystal colors?" flanger wondered 
"i wonder why silver would want the crystal's out in the open." rin pondered
"the bigger question is..what is she gonna do with them?"
rin rolled up the map, "who knows we'll probably figure that out later but for now let's help free the entire herd."
Namchii Guardian Crew adventures begins part 5
part 5

it looks like rin and them has stumbled upon something big, and decide to help. 


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real name?none of your business.
I'm a student who loves drawing creatures of many and the random.

Current Residence: ?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ??
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Favourite genre of music: anything that gets me grooving
Favourite photographer: what?
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: ps2,nintendo ds, nintendo 3Ds and the wii (sigh* i'm so happy!)
MP3 player of choice: ipod yeah i know and it's sucky
Favourite cartoon character: lock.rain card, firey card,watery card,and power,deidara,gin and alot more others
hi Rin here sorry sorry there wasn't been much activity from me on deviantart.

I'm writing this on a computer at my college. my laptop has a small virus that gives so much pops on some sights you can't really do anything however the virus doesn't affect google, google + or youtube (lucky me) just on other sites. i'll tell you all when I get my laptop fixed

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