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It was morning and Rin was sleeping in as usual. every time was the same when she closed her eyes she could see everything. Rin being happy with her mother and her friends. Then utter Chaos, everything turning stormy and everyone's preparing for the storm of the century then pitch black. Then she wakes up tied to a poll, hostage to Nyra the pirate queen of the seas. Rin considers herself lucky that they became friends afterwards.

Rin opened her eyes and saw the sun shining in the window. Even though it was morning Rin stayed in bed as she did every morning. Rin stretched in her bed and turned to close her eyes again, Trying to go back to sleep. However Rin opened her eyes as her ears perked up. she could hear her crew all in a commotion. The others usually created commotion but this sound seems different. was it a storm? or an enemy ship? Rin slowly got up and dressed quickly

Rin open the door to the deck.
"Well, your up early." Nyra said to Rin.
"I heard the buzz." Rin replied.   
"Check it out. we have a stow away." Nyra pointed to a wiggling and squirming Black lion cub tied upside down.
Rin stared at him for a bit."Is that a lion cub?"
"Indeed it is, M'lady." Oliver answered

"What should we do with him?" Cal asked
"His black fur coat will raise a fine price." Wyldshot pointed out
"Or we could feed him to Soul." Nyra suggested
The cub changed his frustrated expression to a horrified one.
"He doesn't even count as a snack." Soul answered

Just then a voice quieted them all down. "Please let me down!" everyone turned to the cub.
"You can talk?" Rin asked
"It's an animal trade secret." the cub said.
"OK,then animal give us some questions. first who are you?" Nyra started
"Flanger." the cub said giving his name
"Well then, Flanger. Why did you stow away on our pirate ship." Nyra contuined
Flanger paused from a moment "Please, I need your help." everyone feel silent


The ship sailed on wards. Rin strolled along the rail, she turn to see Flanger mopping the deck.
"The cub has guts asking pirates for help." Nyra said to Rin,looking Flanger working.

Nyra turned to Rin "Why did you choose to let him stay on board." she asked
"Sorry but killing kids is too low for me." Rin answered
"OH, we would have just tossed him over board." Nyra scowled
"It would have been the same thing. plus we need a plunger boy." Rin replied
Nyra smirked.

The ship sailed on. Rin trailed inside the ship and saw Wyldshot giving Flanger some milk. Hmm why? She never is this nice without reason. The penguin waddled out the room. "why'd you give him some milk?" Rin Gasped "Nya didn't tell you to poison him."
"No, a new town is up head." Wyldshot explained and went on. "Nyra doesn't want the kid running off while we steal some loot. So I put sleeping power in the milk."
"oh" Rin exclaimed
Flanger came out of the room tried, he gave a small yawn. "If you don't mind where can I sleep.I did all my chores."
"Sleeping room is down the hall." Rin pointed
Flanger walked down the hall to find the room so he can sleep.
"you are scary." Rin said to Wyld
Wyld made a sly smile as she waddled to the door. Rin followed her.
"Get ready to port!" Nyra bellowed

Flanger slept soundly. For the first time in a long while he felt safe despite being a prisoner plunger boy. Flanger was glad he was somewhat accepted to stay on board but he need their help. SHE needed their help. Slowly opening his eyes, wiping his left eye from a tear that escaped. He needed air. Flanger walked to the deck, all was quiet.

"Where is everyone." Flanger wondered. Just then he heard shouting from off the boat. Flanger went to see what was up. lifting half his body on the rail and saw what was happening. His temporary crew mates were all facing another group. the other group seemed to be hostel to his crew.

"This is so cool!" Rin squealed "We're up against the Guardians of the Galaxy!" 
Oh that's who they were, Flanger watched his peers to move against a hero team.
"Glad we're famous even among pirates but The Feeling is not neutral." The star-lord ,who had his mask off, stated
"Shall we start an attack?" Oliver asked while slowly unleashing his sword.
Nyra was trying to figure out to do. Flanger thought for a moment as he noticed that his crew had treasure to get on board.
Nyra growled."There's no escaping them! fend them off!" Nyra shouted. Flanger watched the skilled fighters use all the moves they knew to counter the other. Flanger quickly shook out of his amazement. If he wanted help from the pirates he had to earn it.

Flanger first sneaked to the treasure. lucky for him it was in a bag. grabbing hold of the top he slowly dragged the treasure on board one by one. Then he went to the sail and unraveled it.
"I hope their good jumpers..." Flanger sighed as he waited for movement of the ship. Once he saw the scenery moving he ran to the railings. Flanger began giving loud roars. well, as loud as he could roar. Soul,having a hunters hearing, heard the little lion's roars.

"Nyra, The cub is telling us to jump aboard." Soul informed her as she hit the ground. Gamora the most feared assaissn was about to give the final blow but Soul swatted her away like a bug.
"Huh, guess that cub is useful for some things. Soul round us up!" Nyra ordered
Soul quickly picked up everyone and place them on his back. however The Guardians weren't going to let the pirates go. Rin picked off a device from her waist. It was her Digivice.

"Agunimon, Realize and Give us cover fire!" Rin said firmly
Agunimon sprung forward from the digivice. "How the hell did she do that!?" Blurted a impressed Rocket raccoon.
his amazement was drowned when Agunimon sent out an attack on The Guardians "Pyro Darts" Agunimon shouted as he shout plenty of small hot balls of fire. The Guardians were all trying to dodge the small raining fire darts, it looked like they were dancing. Half of the team weren't so lucky
"Oh God, that's funny." Cal laughed

With a swift jump Soul lept for the boat. Soul hit the boat with his weight and managed to move the boat forward a lot more. he hung on to the boat with all his might using his strong top jaw. Everyone climbed off Soul for the boat. "Agunimon, Retreat now!" Rin called out to her digimon.

Agunimon did as she asked and returned to ship, managing the same jump soul did. he used his agility to make a clean jump. "Show off." Pouted Oliver.

On shore the guardians were rightfully pissed as they ran to the dock line. "There getting away, Peter." Gamora said frustrated.
"Oh no, there not." Growled a very angry Rocket. Rocket unleashed a new type of gun and it wasn't small.

"Guys, we have a bogy." Wyldshot called to the others.
The crew went to the rail. Rocket fire his new Blaster. "Oh. Man." Cal blirted. The Shot it hit the back of the ship, leaving a big hole.
"That Rat!" Wyldshot sneered as she readied a blaster canon.
"Oh boy, Soul Get on the ship." Nyra ordered
Soul pulled himself on board.
"Agunimon, Help me out here!" Wyldshot called to the Digimon.
Agunimon readied himself.

Wyldshot pulled the trigger, A big purple blast was shot out of the canon. "Pyro Punch!" Agunimon Shouted.Sending larger balls of fire to The Guardians. 
"OH Shit! get off the docks!" Peter Shouted as all the guardians jumped for dear life. except for groot, Who got caught in the full blast.

"Holy, did you kill him." Flanger asked
"No, I heard he got survive any blast by the smallest twig that's lift behind." Wyld explained
Soon the ship slowly went out of sight, the pirates managed to escape.

"I knew We should have wrecked the ship first!" Complained Gamora as She swam to shore
"Easy, Gamora. We'll Get em. and some of their loot." Peter said to his green friend. Gamora rolled her eyes at his greediness.
"Where are you, Groot?" Rocket Asked himself
"Over here, companion." Drax called to Rocket. picking up a small twig.
"Wait till I get my hands on that Penguin." Rocket muttered
"Friend, you don't have hands, you have paws." Drax said. Rocket rolled his eyes.


Cal, Oliver and Agunimon were patching up the whole. Flanger was rewarded to a peace of fresh meat and was appointed to novice member by Nyra. Soul was watching over the cub. Wyldshot looked over the loot. Nyra was on the front of the boat, Rin approached Nyra.
"It's nice you made Flanger into a member." Rin peeped
"It was your idea." Nyra laughed
"What's up." Rin Asked
" I'm wondering why that cub didn't ditch us and help The Guardians." Nyra pondered
" Maybe he Wants to get on our good side." Rin suggested
"Why?" Nyra responded
"Our help?" Rin shrugged
"If he wanted help then why on earth doesn't go to heroes?" Nyra questioned
"Because I Tried." A voice appeared behind them. Rin and Nyra turned to see Flanger.

"what do you mean?" Rin question
"I tried multiple heroes, Vigilantes, and warriors." Flanger went on."No one can help me or I didn't have enough money."
"What did you asked these justice freaks to do?" Nyra asked

Flanger paused and answered his new captain. "To help me defeat Silver Tiger."
Namchii Guardian Crew Adventures begins part 2
Part 2 on the Crew's origins

The Crew meets Flanger and the guardians of the galaxy for the first time. Looks like Flanger wants something from the crew.
Little Rune Bio by ninjademontamer
Little Rune Bio
Bio: meet Little Rune and he is the son of King Sombra. when king sombra took over the crystal emperor he had an idea in mind. "let's see how a pony born with his dark magic is like." thus King Sombra choose/forced a nice looking redish blue haired mare into his castle, 9 months later Little Rune was born. King sombra was pleased. his theory was correct, his colt had his dark magic horn plus he now had an heir.

At first Rune went on thinking the slaves wasn't a bad thing. on a lot of cases he ordered the slaves around being a bully to others. everything changed when he was confronted by a sad angry slave, who gave Rune a good beating. that encounter made him open his eyes to the cruel nature of his father for the treatment of the slaves and Rune encouraged it. Rune now knew why his mother never spoke to him like other kids. over time Rune became very hateful of his father and himself so when the princesses came to try save the emperor he was happy.

1000 years later when the emperor resurfaced Rune stayed out of sight for the heroes to stop and "kill" his father. In the after math he found his mother (the slaves included) and apologized to her for being such a jerk. his mother accepted his apology and take care of him like a real mother for a while deep down Rune knew the emperor should be rid of sombra for good so despite his mother's plea he left.  

in the world, teenager Rune was wondering the wilderness with no home and no cutie mark. he collapsed from hunger and a fever, Rune would have died if it hadn't been for a wise dragon, who nursed him to health. There Rune meet the dragon's teenager son, Noxc. During his stay learned a lot about dragons with glee. he failed to notice his cutie mark appeared until Noxc pointed it out. Rune then decided it was time to finally go into the pony worlds and move to a town along with his best friend Noxc. they settled down in a small town called ponyville.

in ponyville, it was a big shock with the mane 6 when meeting Rune and finding out who he was. needless to say they 6 were distrustful of him, all but Fluttershy. Rune understood why but it didn't stop him from being super annoyed by them. The distrust and teasing between them dissolved when Rune saved ponyville from a dragon. The 6 began to lower their walls to get to know him to make up for the distrust.

personality: he's an odd pony. Rune is quiet when first seeing him but when he gets use to others he becomes a big chatter box. Rune's a curious soul whenever something new he can spend hours just touching and looking at it. Rune can become rude and lazy to the annoyance of others. he's a bit mischievous often getting into trouble. he's also not afraid to show his nasty side when it comes to defending himself (he gave diamond tiara a black already).

talents: Rune's talent is dragons. everything dragons. Rune goes to dragons if they need help or give ponies tips of dragons. however he ain't a pro with dragons. Rune encounters a couple of dragons who end up chasing him for lunch. spike is a common visitor. Thanks to Sombra Rune's other talent is Dark magic. he uses destructive magic a bit more then light magic but if Rune isn't careful he can become like his long dead father.

Likes: new things, his friend Noxc, Fluttershy (his only friend in ponyville for a good while), good food, fillies, getting on rainbow's nerves, hamburgers

Dislikes: his father Sombra, justice drunks, ponies who judge him for his looks and parentage, apples.
Flanger and his power by ninjademontamer
Flanger and his power
those tatoos on Flanger ain't there because he thought they looked cool. those are markings given to him by a powerful dragon.
if he is in danger he can call upon the dragon's power to help him


ninjademontamer's Profile Picture
real name?none of your business.
I'm a student who loves drawing creatures of many and the random.

Current Residence: ?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ??
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: anything that gets me grooving
Favourite photographer: what?
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: ps2,nintendo ds, nintendo 3Ds and the wii (sigh* i'm so happy!)
MP3 player of choice: ipod yeah i know and it's sucky
Favourite cartoon character: lock.rain card, firey card,watery card,and power,deidara,gin and alot more others
hey, peeps. it's spring! that means the earth can wake up for it's slumber
Pinecone: and make sure you don't walk on ice in the middle of spring!

um thanks pinecone. anyways I'm here to give some updates. first, since my adventure team has know been announce on youtube I still need to pratice on editing on videos before I release my crew's adventures, which episode 1 is in production.

speaking of production I'm starting to work on my other series starting off with the story of Duke, Shap, and xeral. however I still don't have a title for them and I'm still working on their story. so as a waiting stop I'm working on Xeral's story until I figure out the puzzles on these kid's tale.
Xeral's story comic will be released after my parody comic "Walking with Frozen."

On the outside on your screen I'm almost done with my Upgrading class in college. after that I will sign up for a new college class. in between finishing my first college course and waiting  I'll have to search for a job. hard life asides I'm also heading to Anime north 2015 toronto, in may. I give updates for my trip later on.
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  • Playing: south park stick of truth
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