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It was a snowy evening and Alex was flying threw the chilly air. He then spotted Joe walking to their studio in a rather slow pace, so he made is way down to his friend to see what was up he began to notice that Joe was walking backwards and was pulling something that looked like...a tree

"hey Joe what you up to?" Alex asked. Joe stopped and looked up spotting his small bird friend.
"you'll see soon Alex." Joe told his friend.
 At the studio Zara and Neema were bringing out boxes while Hodari, Busara and Almasi were putting up strange lights or at least Hodari was Busara was busy putting Almasi in a snowman.
" hey, you two idiots! if you ain't gonna help me here, go help Rajh with the lights in the front of the studio." Hodari scolded the two boys. so Busara went to the front to find Rajh leaving his brother in a snowman with Neema who just shook his head.

while the felines were busy the Dinos were watching them wondering what everyone was doing.
"What are they even doing?" Scowler questioned, the others just shrugged.
Joe kicked the side door open and dragged the tree in with Alex sitting on a branch of the tree.
patchi wondered to him "hey Joe, what's with everyone and...why are you dragging a tree in?" he asked him

Joe let the tree go and looked at patchi for a second and then realized that Dinosaurs have never done this before, Juniper and others gathered around Joe as he opened his mouth and said."we're getting ready for Christmas."

"Christmas? what's that."Speckles jr spoke up.

Joe explained what Christmas was and how people celebrate it "and it's a holiday that everyone likes spending with their families." Joe added lastly. Speaking of families Juniper had to bring the kids inside she made her way to the back door where her kids where playing.

She and Patchi had the normal eight when first laying the eggs unfortunately during the nesting days before meeting Joe four hatchings didn't make it or where snatched by other predators only four remained when Joe became their saving grace. Balder, was the oldest and the first hatched he looked just like his dad in many ways and was a brave kid who always looked out for his younger siblings, Jade was the second oldest while her siblings looked like their parents she had Scowler's and Bulldust's dark coloring but she did have her father's eyes, Pip was the runt of the litter, she looked just like her mother she also has a lot of spunk for someone so small.

Juniper looked at her kids playing in the snow or rather pushing uncle Almasi who was still stuck in the snowman all over the ice she tried to look for the fourth one but then remembered that he disappeared shaking her head out of the glum as she called her kids in so the kids not forgetting uncle Almasi came inside. Patchi watching his children help Joe put on strange orbs and lights on the tree when Joe noticed his friend looked so down remembering the day their fourth remaining child up and vanished they searched for days but couldn't find anything not even Gym's nose find them.

"Hey, Alex why don't you take over for a bit."Joe asked and he replied with a simple nod. Joe strolled on over to his dishearten friend
"Hey Patchi what's wrong?"Joe asked. Patchi just looked over at Joe and took a quite sigh.
"It's just that since this Christmas thing is for families it would have been nice to have spend it with my whole family." Patchi explained.

Joe sat by his friend "Christmas is also a time for miracles so maybe you'll get one."

At end of a road a space ship flew to a big studio like mansion. The red shark landed on a plan that was paved for the helicopter. It was lightly snowing but that didn't matter as everyone started to unload boxes. the cubs Flanger and S.T. came running out to play in the snow while Pinecone the small pachyrhinosaurus bounding after them.

Calsfer was bring in one a moving boxes in the studio unfortunately his strength was running out.
"Hey Oliver, help me out here." he called to the Dark Elf. As he went to help him lift the box they walked for a bit to the building until Taokaka walked by carrying four boxes the same size the two boys were carrying they stopped to watched her go by.
"Long-tooth cat man, Dark long ears, hurry so we can eat some meat buns ...and pizza!" Tao shouted to the boys who kept watched her as she trotted into the building.

In the main hall everyone looked at the amazing sight Wyldshot waddled her way in with Dante the adult Pachyrhinosaurus pulling her bags and technology in. she turned on the lights and she looked about "It's about time we get a place of our own." Wyldshot she told to Dante as seras the vampire soldier from the Helsing manor came in. "Oh you can say that again." she slumped on the couch
"where's Rin?" Wyldshot asked as seras just shrugged. "Maybe Nyra will know." seras suggested.
"And where is she?" she asked in sarcastic tone they turned to the door as Marceline the other vampire the crew had came in she floated to open a big door for letting in big vehicles in.

Soul the Carnotaurus made his way in carrying a bundle of blankets. Inside the blankets was a very cold Nyra with her head poking out.
"heh I guess the weather ain't working for you. huh, Nyra?" Wyldshot joked as seras laughed as well. Nyra threw a middle finger at the penguins general direction.
"that aside where's Rin? she has the master key for the place." Wyldshot explained to Nyra
"Rin's with Nanashi." Nyra told the penguin then turn attention the Soul "OK place me down at the rug, Soul." she order the Carnotaurus who did just that.

On the end of the yard Rin was in conversation with Nanashi (meaning no name/nameless) the wondering ronin.
"Thanks Nanashi, I can't believe you found the place." Rin said to Nanashi in complete in amazement.
"Don't mention anyone OK" he replied shaking it off a bit embarrassed "I just needed to thank you for helping me with the kid."
he was referring to Kotarou awhile back when Rin assisted him with saving him thus Nanashi wanted to repay the favor by finding a place for Rin and her ...strange group.

"Oh before I forget here."Rin handed a small bag to Nanashi.
"What's this?" he asked opening it, the bag with filled with- "money? Why are you giving me money?" he asked.

"money for the road you may never know when you and Kotarou will get hungry." Rin explained with that said Nanashi began to walk to town to try and find Kotarou. Rin was watching him go when a splash of water hit the back of her head.
"EEH!"she squeaked turning around to find Jack her Simipour he then started chimping and chirping at her "si simi pour simipour."
which translates to "hey, fat butt everyone's waiting for you." Rin being able to understand him through her animal ears under her hat quickly darted to the building.

While that was happening Flanger, S.T and Pinecone were exploring their new place.
"So far this place seems boring." Flanger said incomplete boredom S.T replied but pinecone wasn't listening something had got his attention. he split from his friends to spy on the item in his sights.
"She's pretty.."he said is dopey voice.
"Who's pretty?" asked Flanger who startled pinecone
"Nothing!" he replied but his friends was saw what he was staring at.
"Pinecone that's a human." S.T said out bluntly it was just a small girl with black hair and a pink coat who was playing with a doll
"so she's small like us." pinecone said in his defense just then three teenagers who had horses came in, ruining Pinecone's vision and before they knew it the teenagers began to bully the little girl.
"C'mon you guys give it back!" The little girl cried out
Pinecone, and Flanger knew that they had to do something even S.T had to help even if it pains her so.

Back at the Namchii's new place almost everyone had finished unpacking and tidying the place up so as a treat the guys ordered pizzas. "Say where are the kids?" asked soul but no one had to answer as Pinecone came crashing through the roof with a doll in his mouth. lucky he landed on pillows Dante quickly went checked to see if he was hurt.
"Is he okay?" Rin asked as Dante gently turned him over.
"a'm Ohay." pine replied with the small doll in his mouth.
Flanger, S.T, and the little girl who was getting bullied came through the door
"what happened and who's that?"Cal asked in complete confusion.
The three and the little girl who was named Wendy sat down, Flanger explained the part where the saw Wendy getting bullied and what they did or other Pinecone did
"The three got super startled that we can talk the chickens run away, but PineCone ran after the leader who had Wendy's doll, alas he somehow pinecone manged to get Wendy's doll downside is that he was kicked by the horse all the way home."

With the situation lifted up the crew sent Seras to bring her home to her family but Wendy didn't leave without leaving a thank you kiss to Pinecone so was blushing, happy, and A bit disgusted he always found kissing disgusting.

Back at the omega's studio the Christmas directions were up and the entire studio was lit up the lights looked so beautiful. the felines as well as Gym, his pack, speckles were munching on bone marrow while the pachys were looking for delicious greens but the peace wouldn't last for out in the darkness someone was lurking he walked a study walking pace to the building.
 Jade, Balder, Pip, and Jr were playing inside when Pip needed to get a break from his way older siblings getting on a shelf near the window to rest he laid down for maybe a few minutes looking outside at the lights that glowed in dark that's when he spotted him.
A scary treating looking man making his was through the cold winds he quickly screamed and ran to his mom.

"Mom someone's coming to our home." he shouted in panic everyone gathered to the window.
"Is it him?" Hodari asked. "no, no it's not him." Joe replied he knew Ragnarok never went by himself in a full attack besides they had defeated him for the time being.
"This is someone different."he continued as he went to the door "Ready yourselves." he ordered as everyone nodded

Joe opened the door "Identify yourself." Joe declared but the man said nothing he just kept walking but he was now in the light for all to see he had a wolf's eye and he had a that would strike fear in the heart of an army and that smirk told everyone he brought harm.
The felines were the most turn off the most was on his head, this man had wires coming in and out of his head.
As he got closer they realized he had red on his coat, his hair and on the metal covering his chest, they could smell it. it was blood.
"Stop right there!!" Joe now raising his voice he didn't need him to say anything Joe-No Everyone knew he was a danger
"Turn around and go back to wherever you came from!" Joe told the stranger.

"yeah or else we'll pummel ya!" scowler added the stranger stopped for maybe a few seconds and then he spoke "You are the...oh what did he say the group was called...the alpha squad? doesn't matter." he talked to himself  "I am slash " he stated "I go where I feel like it." he continued as he began walking forward.
"Your not welcomed here."speckles spoke up 
" Well ain't that a darn shame and just when i been payed to ..kill you all." slash replied
" OK, I'm taking this guy out!" scowler ran toward this man before anyone can stop him.
" Take this!" Scowler shouted but for some reason he stopped in mid charge
" What the- i can't move!" he exclaim in surprised he looked ahead of him, Slash never moved but his eyes were now glowing blue and wires on his head had static going. He then raised his right left hand and swung it, not really hitting scowler he wasn't even close to hit him but  Scowler felt pain at his left shoulder then without warning Scowler went flying to the right side and skidded on the fresh snow

"Scowler!" Patchi exclaimed the others had their mouth's open Scowler was one of the strongest in the squad and yet he was swatted like a fly but Joe was now engaged this guy needed to be stopped
" Guy's he needs to be taken out! OMEGA SQUAD ATTACK!" he shouted everyone charged at him

" Omega squad. that's it." Slash said to himself then focused on the attacking group.
With one step a force field protected him and forced everyone back but they weren't gonna be beaten so easily the fighting spirits in them keep them going. No matter how hard they tried no one could get close enough to attack him. He also deflected throwing knives from storm and rain but Slash was so focused on the attacking team that he didn't see Alex above him.
 Alex dove down for an attack "Ariel assault! he shouted getting Slash's attention but before he can do anything Alex landed on an ant hill that was still showing through the snow beside his foot.

"Army marches on his stomach you know." Alex said with a mouth full.
Everyone groaned,dumb founded the stranger just watched Alex feast on the ant who were going to sleep for the winter.
Joe saw the chance and swung his sword cutting Slash's shoulder to the head of the metal on his chest, he fell on the ground and was met at sword point.

"Who sent you!?"Joe asked him
Slash was looking for an escape route "Since you got me I guess I could tell you." he said in a sly voice he then looked at the door to the studio and saw the young children of Patchi and juniper peeking out the door
"Pinecone..." he muttered to himself

"what-" Joe was startled by his quiet word.
The stranger's glowing eyes changed from blue to red as he flung Joe off and he began walking to the building in complete fury, the Christmas ornaments and trees began flying everywhere the young ones coward in fright.

"No! You stay away from my children!" Juniper shouted at him standing between him in doorway Slash stopped for a brief second and he eyes turned blue again, the trees and ornaments came from the ground. At first it seemed he was gonna stop but his calm face turned angry, he grabbed Juniper's leg with his power and flunged her to the side.
"Ah! My leg!" she shouted.

As everyone rushed to juniper including jade, balder and pip Slash looked at them carefully and knew none of them weren't him.
"Never get in my way and I'll stay out of yours, alpha squad."he sneered as he slugged away now holder his shoulder, the pain had caught up to him and needed to leave he couldn't fight with blood loss "I'd loved to stay and tell you who pay for your end but I don't feel like it right now." Slash said as he was taking his leave.

"That's omega squad to you sir!" Jr called back at him
" Patchi he knows where your son is!" Joe quickly told him
"what!?"Patchi exclaimed in shock " Hey,you get back here! what did you do with my son!"

Before Patchi and Joe could go after him slash used his last bit of strength to make the outside lights explode while everyone was blinded slash made his escape.
"Don't worry I'll find him." Alex assured them as he took flight before disappearing scowler shouted after him
"And by useful this time!" he shouted
"Yeah!" Almasi and Busara said afterwards at the same time
"I can't believe, Pinecone's alive!" Patchi said in complete relief

Slash sat by a tree in a clearing he hated it when he bled, "F@*#," he swear at his pain
"You should watch your language." a voice said to him slash turned to see a tiger
"What do you want?" slash asked he knew was."I'm not in the mood Sher khan." slash sneered at him
"Come now, Slash we're friends and friends help each other." pulled a orb out and held it by Slash's wound and it quickly healed
"Wouldn't call you a friend more like a thorn I can't get rid off." slash replied rudely as he continued "Anyways i failed in getting rid of your Gombaa squad shouldn't your master be upset?"
Sher khan made his devilish smile"oh no in fact the opposite, we just need a plan. now, come our business is far from over."
Christmas visit pt 1 (omega squad/guardians crew)
holy crap finally got this thing going! i'm aiming to this done before or at Christmas

this is a story where pinecone wants to visit his family for Christmas but things get harry when their enemies unite

so far things go well until slash shows up

Namchii Guardian Crew-

Omega squad -
P.S hey Joe I made you three kids of patchi and juniper use's em if you want
phew, this is rin just saying my um murloc problem has been cleared and ready to get back to business
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hi, everyone Rin here and I won't be able to do work on my stuff for a week or so me and the guardian crew have run into a..uh situation but i'll still be on and um..
rrh! this is alot of work just for a good studio and/or home anyways I'm working as fast I can but there's school work which i'm trying to do too but as soon as my problem clears i'll contuine to get stuff done like my dino comic please give that a read and till me what you think, and a pic saying farewell to naruto and a crossover fic (or two)

I'll be back to work soon now if you'll excuse me I need to kick these murlocs in the butts! Battle Lute 
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it's that time again for trick-or-treating!

this year I'm going as Anna from frozen and going with my little cousins. it's kinda funny it just snowed in my area it's the perfect setting for cosplay!
what are you doing for this Halloween?

happy Halloween -:Halloween:- 
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phew, this is rin just saying my um murloc problem has been cleared and ready to get back to business
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