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Forbidden Romance by ninjademontamer
Forbidden Romance
aHhh, love is such a nice thing

you all don't know how deeply I want this to happen in a movie. A romance between a demon and and human,maid or princess.
I know we have an orge and a princess and a beast and a maid but here's the of them changed into ethier another orge or changed into a man. yes, they love them for who they are however if that's true then the they shouldn't really care if the they stayed the same, making the transformation pointless.
Wendy the Akita shiba inu mix by ninjademontamer
Wendy the Akita shiba inu mix
I always wanted a Dog OC giniga silver fang style.

I had the chance during a role play with :iconcoolterra342:

The morning shown brightly as the storm passed through the night. A Troodon came bounding to the sea's edge. Hoping to catch some early morning fish. As it came close to the beach the troodon started it's hunt. It caught one or two small fish but no more...maybe it'll have more luck down stream. The Troodon makes it's way along the sea line until it notices something it looks like a carnotaurus. It has to be his lucky day. Quickly trotting to the body to investigate it's upcoming meal.

Getting to the body The Troodon saw something in it's jaws it looked like a tail. The troodon began to bite at the tail, just then a gaint snort became from the carnotaurus. It was still alive! the troodon ran off quickly. The carnotaur open it's mouth and spat out a very weary Flanger and a water lodged Rin. Flanger rubbed his eyes, turned Rin over and began to pump on her stomach using his paws. Rin coughed up water and opened her eyes.

"Flanger?" she queitly said. "you were right, Silver Tiger is a monster..." Rin sat up.
"It's not her fault." Flanger said in silver's defiance.
Rin crawled over to Soul. She touched his shout to see if he responds.
"Soul?" Soul nudged into the hand and Slowly opened his eyes.

"Rin, Flanger. We made it." Soul said weakly. Soul found strengh in his legs and got himself to stand on his feet with help from Rin and Flanger, of course.
"where are we?" Soul asked questionly, looking around.
Rin looked around for herself. "I don't know, but I just hope the others made it." Rin replied.

"you and me both." Soul said to his worried friend.
"we should get off this beach just in case we run into trouble." Soul contuined.
Rin and Flanger agreed as they all began making their way off the beach. The group had to move their way through a very thin jungle, almost like a forest.

their surrondings were beautiful so  they took the time to stop for a couple of moments to sight see. The three contuined to treck through the plains until they made their up the hill. once uptop the hill did they see a sight scientists would die to see.
"Dinosaurs!" Flanger blurted out.
"you mean more dinosaurs..." Soul said bluntly
"Use names guys, these are iguanodons ." Rin pointed
"whatever. we came on them just in time, I'm straving." Soul announced.
"well, but cause too much of a panic." Rin said
"Fine." Soul pouted
Soul quietly moved to the trees to begin his hunting.
"why can't you just let him hunt freely?" Flanger asked
"well.." Rin was about to answer but then they both heard a commotion going on in the bushes, so did the herd. Soul burst out of the trees and roared as loudly as he can.

The herd all turned and the same postion as Rin and Flanger.
"Oh Crap!" Soul cursed as he watched the herd stampeded toward his friends. Rin and Flanger hug one another and yelled, just then a flash came from Rin's waist with a flash stood an Aggron.
"Whoa! Flanger awed as the Aggron used stone edge to place a rock infront of Rin and Flanger. After the Stampede Rin, Flanger and Rin's Aggron came from hiding.
Soul bounded to them. "your ok!" Soul cheered.
"that's why I told you, Don't panic the herd too much!" Rin raised her voice at the big carnotaur.
"uh, Rin who's this." Flanger pointed at the aggron.

"Oh, she's one of my pokemon. unlike Jack, she seems to really like me, coming out whenever I'm in trouble and my other friends aren't available to help me." Rin explained.
"I forgot you had those on you." Soul spoke up.
Rin summoned her aggron back into her pokeball. "Me too, I thought I lost them when we went over board but I seem to have lost Agunimon and Jack." Rin informed sadly.

The envorment calmed down in a few seconds, Soul walked over to the brush along with Rin and Flanger. Soul moved his way to a carcass, "oh, so you did make a kill." Rin said looking at the dead iguanodon. Flanger went over to steal acouple of bites, afterwards Soul began to help himself to his catch. Rin's stomach grumbled.
"Ain't you gonna eat." Flanger asked?
"uh, no I prefer my meat cooked." Rin answered. "I'll just go find some fruit."

Luckly Rin found herself a nice blueberry patch, it wasn't enough for her to be stisfy but at least it was something. The three then rested for a while till Rin started to get bugged by the smell the carcous which began to stink.
"ugh,guys let's move on. The smell is getting stronger and the flies are attacking me.." Rin said to her friends as she swatted a fly.

"where? we don't know where we are plus we're seprated from our friends." Soul noted to her.
Rin started to think but stopped when she heard twigs snapping.
"Rocket, Slow Down." It was peter quill.
"If we ever run into those pirates Again, I'm Gonna-!" that voice was rocket.
"First we need to find our grounds first." It was Gamora
" I agree with Rocket, it is their fault we've got trapped on this island." Drax was with them too
" I Am Groot." there was no telling on who that was.
" so who cares if that huge creature attack them too." Rocket replied to Groot.

Rin, Flanger and Soul all looked at each other with horror, "I'll tell you that I wouldn't want to get caught." Rin retorted to Soul as the three quickly got up and queitly left as fast as they could.

As the sun began to set Rin knew they had to stop to find refudge and sleep. The three had been walking all day to avoid being caught by the gaurdians of the galaxy. Rin also knoticed flanger getting tired too. she looked around to try and find a place for them to sleep. In the cornor of some trees she saw a cave.
"look guys, we can sleep in there tonight." she noted to the two tired animals

so they made their way to the cave to sleep. Flanger immedately fell asleep, with Soul following behind him however Rin was in thought she had no idea where we were and frankley she didn't know what to do. Rin had always did what others told her to do back in her world and she followed Nyra's lead when they became a pirate crew. sure she made a couple of orders but so did the other memebers of the crew. Rin decided she'll think about it in the morning, so she slowly fell asleep but she couldn't sleep soundly, the events from the ship haunted her dreams. Silver Tiger had been more monstertris then both She and Nyra had thought. she can recall seeing soul placing her and flanger in his mouth as he swam to shore. her last image has Silver Tiger facing them and roaring. Rin jolted awake, she was breathing heavily, and she could feel herself shaking. she was scared.

Next morning Rin woke up, slowly and looked about. soul and Flanger where gone.
"where'd they go?" Rin wondered as she go up. Rin heard voices outside the cave, she moved towards in and saw both Soul and Flanger munching out on a carcus.
"Rin, your up." Soul Cheered
"Morning Soul, you go for morning hunting?" Rin asked
"No, We woke up and just found the carcus outside. there's even a pile of fruit for you." Soul informed to her
Rin went to the pile and eat a bit of the pile." I wonder who did this?" Rin wondered.
"we'd better eat up then head on our way. we can't afford the gaurdians to catch up." Soul added
"yeah." Rin agreed.

Rin ate as much as she could but made sure not to eat so much. when the tree where done the made their way further however Rin noticed Soul looking back every now and then.

"Soul, what's up?" Rin whispered to Soul
"Someone's following us." Soul whispered back
"Is it the guardians?" Rin questioned
"No, it smells like prey but smaller." Soul explained
Rin made a face. "what does that mean.."
Soul looked behing to see someone ducking behind a bush. "It's a kid."

Flanger paused and looked up at the two. " A kid? well what do we do?"
"leave it to me." Soul said while in a different direction.
"wait, he's not gonna eat the kid, is he?" Flanger asked franticly
"no, he's full. besides Soul doesn't eat kids." Rin assured him

Flanger wasn't so sure. he had heard about Carnotaurs and how blood thirsty they are however this one was tamer then the others he's heard about. flanger's thoughts were interupted by wailing, he looked up to see Soul walking over with what seems to be a Pachyrhinosaurus. Soul carried the little dino by the tail, when Soul came to them he lowered himself so Rin and Flanger could get a good look at him

"Let me down. PlEASE DON'T EAT ME!" the pachyrhinosaur cried out
"Calm down, we won't eat you." Rin said to the kid trying to calm him down.
"yeah, you better not or else you'll be killing the guy who saved you from stravation." the kid replied
Flanger paused for a moment."you were the one who gave us the food? why?"
Pinecone dangled there now in a calmer state. "well, I heard a rumour that a group was on the island and I wanted to join em." he told them.
Rin, Soul and Flanger looked another. "Join a group...what were the rumours?" Rin asked
"I heard it was a Guardian crew or someting washed up on the shore." the kid explained
Rin paused for moment then she spoke."and you wanna join them.."
"yeah I want to become a member." the kid replied
"but what about your parents and your herd?" Rin asked
" oh...I don't have parents..and my herd kicked me out.." the kid answered
Rin thought for a moment. "Ok you can join us." She said
Soul's mouth dropped, letting go of the kid. Flanger raised an eye brow, while the young pachy looked up at Rin. "Really?"
"yup, what's your name?" Rin asked him
the pachyrhinosaur got up. "My name's Pinecone." Pinecone said patting his chest
"then welcome pinecone." Rin congrateded Pinecone.
Pinecone leaped happily. "alright. this is gonna be so cool." Pinecone ran ahead with Flanger after him. "Hey, wait!" Flanger Called out
Soul looked to Rin. "What was that?" Soul asked. "why'd you tell him we're the guardians?"
Rin looked to Soul. "because  if we told him we weren't the guardians he would have kept searching them and if he did find him, I'd bet ya they'd ask him if he saw us."
Soul thougt about it. "good point."

Pinecone and Flanger came back. "So where we off to?" Pinecone asked.

Rin smiled and said. "We're off to find the other members of our team."
Namchii Crew Adventure Begins part 4
Rin, Soul and Flanger made it out ok.

this is the first apperance of Pinecone, that's right this means we're close to :icontwoworldsonekingdom:'s place. XD
Leo and Rin part 2 by ninjademontamer
Leo and Rin part 2
bah, how embrassing...

I make this situation because i have knoticed that whenever a guy falls for a girl, they're always pretty. Yeah, sure a lot of love interests are kind, and now a days love interests have awkward moments and free spirits but they are still very pretty. So I decide to be made fun of..
Namchii Guardian Crew by ninjademontamer
Namchii Guardian Crew
just my crew's new title card. (members who aren't in here, Flanger and S.T, Cal, and Oliver)


ninjademontamer's Profile Picture
real name?none of your business.
I'm a student who loves drawing creatures of many and the random.

Current Residence: ?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ??
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: anything that gets me grooving
Favourite photographer: what?
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: ps2,nintendo ds, nintendo 3Ds and the wii (sigh* i'm so happy!)
MP3 player of choice: ipod yeah i know and it's sucky
Favourite cartoon character: lock.rain card, firey card,watery card,and power,deidara,gin and alot more others
I was just browsing and then I found this video and desided to share it here

It's so good and sad at the same time Oops! Oops! Oops! 

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