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Inside of the ship's cabin Nyra and Rin had Flanger sitting on a peddle stool. The two figured it was best to speak without the others hearing for now. "What do you mean help you defeat Silver Tiger and who is Silver Tiger." Nyra proceeded to ask
Flanger took a breath then started from the beginning.

"when I was born in my pride, My life was pretty difficult. I wasn't a normal coloured lion, my father and mother didn't take good care of me as much as my real brothers and sisters until One day a group of hunters came and wiped out my entire family. I was the only one to survive, I lived alone till I met another cub who had the same problem as I did, that was Silver Tiger. we lived together for so long we had became like brother and sister though we weren't bound by blood." Flanger stopped to take a breath then contuined. "We struggled to survive so we often got into trouble when we stole food."
"Everything changed when we met.." Flanger paused. Nyra and Rin noticed him shaking.
"Who? who did you meet?" Nyra questioned
Flanger took a breath. "...Slash."

"Slash?" Rin scratched her head. "Have you heard of him, Nyra."
Nyra thought for a moment. "No.I don't think I have."
Flanger waited until he got their attention again. " We thought Slash was a friend. he took the time to train us though he always favored Silver. spending more time to train her more then with me."
"I can relate." Nyra said under her breath

"I should have known that wasn't a good thing...One day I disappointed Slash so he told me to wait outside till he finish with Silver" Flanger sighed. "I waited for what seemed forever I was going to check on her when silver finally came out but it wasn't her."

Nyra and Rin glanced at each other with confusion for a second.
"What came out was...a huge Monsterous creature." Flanger said with saddness
"wait? What do you mean." Rin asked
"Slash had turned her into a monster." Flanger answered
Rin and Nyra remind slight
Flanger contuined. "At first I was stunned and I didn't want to believe it was her.I still remember Slash laughing at what an idoit we were. I called out to her, she said nothing." Flanger qivered in anger. "Slash then ordered her to kill me."

Flanger took a small breath. "She did what he said despite me calling out to her.." Flanger sat straight upright so his belly showed. On his stomach were three large gashes. Nyra took a closer look at them. "It does look like something big made these."
"They thought I was dead so they left me there. I luckily Survived thanks to a creature who looked liked a petting zoo mixed into one." Flanger said Stratching his head.


"Hold it!!" Scowler shouted. "Did you just say a petting zoo mixed into one?" They all looked Discord
"What?" He asked puzzled
"You were there the entire time. why didn't you do anything?" Kiara pondered
"I was stunned just as much as he was. plus it was so chaotic." Discord said
"Flanger almost died and S.T turned into a monster by a mad man" Kovu replied
"...I wasn't there for that part but I did help Flanger to not die." Discord remarked. "ooh look. Pizza's here!" Discord pointed to a pizza car pulling in.

"what ever happened, happened. come we move on?" Wyldshot sneered
"Ugh, alright fine. Continue." Scowler groaned


Nyra thought about it for a moment then looked at Flanger. "So your saying you want us defeat your girlfriend and the guy who took her away?"

"she's not my girlfriend, she's my adopted sister." Flanger replied quickly

"whatever. why do you want help from pirates and not heroes or mercenaries?" Nyra asked
"I did. they...failed and by failed I mean they died." Flanger answered
Nyra and Rin were both dumb founded by this. were these two really that strong? Nyra thought for a while then gave flanger her answer. "look Flanger, your story is..interesting but my answer is No." Flanger looked dishearten

"Our crew has nothing to gain from your plea of help. you may have help us earlier and for that you are now free to roam around the crew as a rookie plus it's not like your the only one with problems. we all have stuff to deal with in our lives." 
"but-" Flanger quickly tried to protest but stopped by her gaze
Nyra moves herself to the door. "If you want my opinion it's best you get let go of your past and move on." Flanger slugged his way to the door. 

When Flanger was gone Nyra looked back to Rin. "That was a bit harsh don't you think?" She said to her snake friend
Nyra raised an eye to Rin while resting her head on her hands. "I can't just get our entire crew to go and help a run downed cub. Besides how do we even know he's telling the truth?" 

Rin thought for a moment. "eh, yeah I see your point but he's a survivor you gotta give him that." Rin noted
"and that is the only reason why I don't throw him over board." Nyra smirked

Rin chuckled akwardly. Since Nyra was raised by pirates her humor was a bit on the grungy side. Just then a laugh could be heard from outside. "what's going on now?" Nyra turned her attention to the noise coming outside. Rin and Nyra left the cabin and went outside. the girls saw all the rest of the crew gathered around Flanger. Flanger was wearing a pink totoo and was trying to balance himself on a unicycle.
"what are you guys doing?" Rin asked
"It's an initiation for the cub." Calsfer laughed

Flanger felt his face going red as tomato. "I never should have came on this ship. are all monsters jerks?" flanger thought angrly to himself.

two and a half months went by. Flanger had been doing a lot of thinking over what nyra said, maybe he Should move on. he did like the feel of the open sea and he took a liking to Soul the carnotaurus however he was still the butt of the crew's jokes but Silver Tiger was his only family left. He decided to gain help another way. so for the last two and a half months Flanger worked hard to gain the crew's liking. he helped during raids, did some cooking, embrassingly do back massages, and do some driving which Flanger was doing. Flanger shook himself out of his train of thought, he had to focus on driving his ship.  Rin was in the bird's nest on top of the ship. It was her favorite place on the ship. The breeze she felt was an incrediable feeling, she would close her eyes and imagine herself taking flight.

Cal was busy mopping the deck out of boredom, Oliver was ploshing his swords, Wyldshot was in the cabin working on a flamethrougher type weapon, Soul has sleeping, while Nyra was looking at the map to their next destination. It would seem this day would be another peaceful day before their next plunder but that wouldn't happen. Rin noticed dark clouds rolling in and felt the waves getting bigger, "Brace yourselves! A storm seems to rolling in." She called out, the crew responeded with an "Aye!". Rin started to  get out of the nest and got to the middle of the latter when her great ears picked up a sound. Even with a hat covering her ears she could pick up on that sound. She took off her hat and stood her ears up for a better sound. Rin's ears began to move around like a fast sonar satellite trying to listen in on the sound it heard. this sound seem to resemble a jet and it seem to be getting closer.

Rin saw something in the horizon; it looked like a ship. She then knew who it was. Rin quickly slid down the wooden latter. "OW! I think I got splinters!" Rin sqinched holding her hand. Rin knew she couldn't stall so she hurried on to the cabin to quickly inform Nyra.

"Nyra! We got tail!" Rin shouted. Nyra got up from her chair, and went into the hallway. "It's those Guardians of space, ain't it!?" Nyra remarked. Rin followed behind," How did you guess?"

The entrie crew came gathered on deck to see the space ship coming in close. A speaker came on, "Very funny, you guys.Running off on us like that" It was Peter quill talking. "You guys had your fun, now surrender your gold and put your hands or paws in the air."
Cal stepped forward. "We never surrendered to any heroes before so why should we now?" Cal picked up his mop like a spear with the wet end pointing up and threw it. The mop made a wet spot on the window of the ship.
"you idiot!" Nyra snapped at Cal. "Now we have no mop."
"Don't worry about it. Their only 5 bucks,we'll get another one." Cal retorted

On the ship, the mop missile made Rocket finally snap. "Can I fire now!" Rocket growled. Peter looked at the others then back to rocket. "yeah, go right ahead." Peter gave his friend premission. Rocket pulled his favorite trigger.
Outside on the ship came a dozen bullets, the crew began running around like chickens without heads. "Thanks a lot, Calsfer!" Wyldshot shouted

Wyldshot ducked into her workshop and pulled out her flamethrower. She ran out with it, "Our turn!" Wyldshot shot her new toy. out came a cannonball covered in flames. The flame canninbal hit the upside of the right wing. The space ship rocked a bit trying to get stable again.

while the sale ship battled the space ship both teams didn't see the danger coming. A danger that rode on four black wings.
Soul felt it coming, It was as if the wind carried the smell of death and ash, The sky turned black. Soul lift his head up. "What is it, my big friend?" Oliver asked seeing Soul's attention as on something else rather then the space ship. Flanger heard and felt it too. "No! it's coming!" Flanger yelled. Rin and other's all began to hear it too.

on the space ship the guardians stop their firing. "hey is it just me or are they not paying attention to us?" Peter asked
"whatever trick they may pull we can not let them gain the upperhand." Gamora replied

Flanger went on to a roof of the cabin and began waving to the guardians. "What is that cub doing?" Rocket asked. Just then Drax saw something on the radar, a big heat signiture. "Friends! something is descending upon us!" Drax yelled in a warning tone.
The guardians looked back with a "what?" reply.

On the crew's ship, they saw it. A pitch black winged monster, it was twice the size of the space ship but the features looked a bit feminie. that didn't stop the beast to destroy the guardians ship. The crew watched as the guardians managed to jump their ship and land safely in the water.
"Wait, That is- !?" Nyra asked while in a shout as she looked to flanger
                                                                               "That. Is. Silver Tiger."

Silver tiger's mouth ignited, "Everyone! get off!" Nyra yelled. Everyone jumped of the ship, The firey blast hit the boat in an explosion. The sky started to rain and the tide quickly turned into  bigger waves. Rin struggled to stay a float, she can swim but Rin could only manage to doggy paddle. "Nyra!, Cal!, Wyld!,Soul, Oliver, Flanger!" Rin called out! "Can any one hear me!!"

"Rin! over here!" Rin looked around to see Soul as she swam to her biggest friend, on top of his head was Flanger. "Did you see anyone else!?" Rin asked. "no. not yet." Soul replied. The waves then became bigger as Rin, Soul, and Flanger struggled to stay together.

Soul the Carnotaurus Vs Indominus rex by ninjademontamer
Soul the Carnotaurus Vs Indominus rex
No~! Can this be the last we see of Soul???

the indominus rex has done a sneak attack. ( I saw Jurassic world last week, and it's awesome)
Regaliceratops by ninjademontamer
the newly discovered Ceratopsidae dino from my lovely country of canada
Namchii guardian Crew poster by ninjademontamer
Namchii guardian Crew poster
meet the new titlecard for my Crew. this one focuses on the new members of the crew. if your wondering where Flanger, S.T, Calsfer, and Oliver are they are still on the crew but I don't want too many members shown


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