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Training featuring static the tiger by ninjademontamer
Training featuring static the tiger
...just couldn't help yourself could ya?

I've met static and seeing as we both have keyblades but his keyblade has taken shape and um mine hasn't I asked him to train with me to try and get me keyblade to take shape until Oliver pops by to help out. unfortunately I think this battle is getting too personal

static the tiger by 

New Hair Cut  by ninjademontamer
New Hair Cut
Oliver you got yourself a hair cut!
Oliver: yes, I traveled to town and found a place that cuts hair, do you like it?
...Dam it Oliver
The Robodino by ninjademontamer
The Robodino
ha finally something not related to anything.
my dino is for the dinosaurs I draw and I did say I work on side things when I get tired of comic doing also that is not a triceratops it's a cousin of pachyrhinosaurus a couple times removed called Anchieratops a only ceratopsian with horns growing out of the frill instead of one top like most 
but what do you guys think?
My Pokemon Team 1 by ninjademontamer
My Pokemon Team 1
remember in somewhere I have a team of pokemon? no? well I do.
my pokemon is split into two teams this is my first and most trusted. yeah, I know I got two legendarys and even though laitas is
still new Virzion has been in the team for as long I kinda forgot she's a legendary

the team

Jack the simipour- I have a trophy on him so I won't dwell on him to much but some stuff I did not mention was in both teams he is the leader, and was my first pokemon and for a long while hated my guts but I managed to soften him now he teases me to no end. the reason why he's was so stingy is because in his last group of wild simipours and panpours he was the strongest next to the leader when a troublesome situation led up that Jack kinda... may have challenged his leader and he fought with honor and nearly won until the leader cheated leaving jack with a torn ear and a scar and cast him out only to be caught by me :D what luck... why are you looking at me like that Jack?

Jack has the moves: Dive, aqua tail, ice beam, and acrobatics

Rook the Zoroark - as I journeyed through the unvoa regain I came across a breeder with a group of zorua one of them was a real fashionistia and hated my look so the little thing tried to get me in shape and dress me up in ridiculous clothes but when I got a six pack plastic holder for Pepsi, Don't ask how stuck on me neck and endangered my life the little zorua it's breeder and I took a trip to town to get me to the hospital not before a team plasma vs team rocket outburst in the city did the zorua evolve to save my life. in the morning the breeder left the newly evolved zoroark in my care. Rook is still a big fashionistia, but he's a great help with ghost and psychic types one other I should mention is that he's gay.

Rook has the moves: night daze, flamethrower, night slash, and bounce

Jason the mienshao- when battling team plasma a mysterious mienshao appeared doing vigilante work so I decided to check it out. At first I thought it was gonna be one of those pokemon who trust people so I had to be careful but it turned out to be a calm, laid back pokemon with a thing for girls after me and the mienshao defeated some loser team plasma it decided to come with me.

Jason has the moves: arua sphere, hi jump kick, bounce and force palm

Gotra the murkrow- remember sometime ago I have a mechanic for The Red shark (my space ship) well this murkrow is that mechanic. I was walking along a road when I came across the murkrow I then realized i had no flying type so I caught it. Gotra as I found out is realy smart she can figure out how to diffuse a time bomb and create thing out thin air. she's also jack's girlfriend.

Gotra has the moves: fly, night slash, Arial ace, steel wing

Gloria the Virzion- at first I didn't catch Gloria when I first met her. her two friends cobalion and terrakion where capture that's how I started my trip through out unvoa it was all to help virzion free her two friends from team plasma afterwards I thought what the heck I'll take on the unvoa league and virzion became a member when she found she couldn't part from her new friends

Gloria has the moves: close combat, sacred sword, leaf blade, and giga drain

Selena the laitas- selena is a special case on our way to defeat team plasma, I found that team plasma's leader dark heart lead heartless in the pokemon world, an old man was sadly attacked but not before giving me a special egg. the egg had already been attacked slightly so when egg hatched I couldn't believe my eyes it was a laitas but with an effect that black stuff on her eye is the cause of the heartless it is in fact a dark patch. that dark patch causes her psychic power to become dark and get very dangerous.
she's smaller then other laitas because she's still a baby.

selena has the moves: ice beam, psychic, surf, and fly

phew there, next team won't have legendarys, I made sure of that. also does anyone know what that six pack can holder is called?
Respect Fail by ninjademontamer
Respect Fail
oh Oliver.
this is what happened when he ask to join my crew of course I said yes calmly as a show of respect and thanks he bowed but "DAM IT, that hurt!"


ninjademontamer's Profile Picture
real name?none of your business.
I'm a student who loves drawing creatures of many and the random.

Current Residence: ?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ??
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: anything that gets me grooving
Favourite photographer: what?
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: ps2,nintendo ds, nintendo 3Ds and the wii (sigh* i'm so happy!)
MP3 player of choice: ipod yeah i know and it's sucky
Favourite cartoon character: lock.rain card, firey card,watery card,and power,deidara,gin and alot more others
I have a new folder where I draw dinosaurs gallory, well i have drawn dinos (two pachys) and now i have a new dino character who put into the demon tamer ...soon, so i was like "screw it!" but why is my folder annoucment unlike the other folders? well i tried making a new deviant account but it was a too much trouble setting it up but when i did get everything set up i found it was too much trouble so i abonded it, i might return when i have to retreat some how.

about the new folder i will take out my dino drawings, with a small comedy side story of a pachyrhinosaurus fighting for dinosaur equalness
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